Do you know that both the Quebec Act and the Canada Act allow the candidate to choose the best category applicable to his situation? There are 3 categories and 4 different subcategories. We make this choice with you before filing your application.

Do you know that the Laws of Quebec and Canada allow the candidate to choose the profession that will benefit him the most from all those he has occupied during his career? We make this choice with you before filing your application.

Do you know that in order to immigrate to Quebec or Canada, you must hold a sum of money to support yourself during the first months of your arrival? This minimum amount varies according to the jurisdiction (Quebec or federal), the region of installation and the number of dependents. Your report will establish the necessary amounts applicable to your situation.

Do you know that the only factors eliminating a request for Quebec are the lack of a high school diploma and / or not having the minimum amount required to ensure your financial independence? Age, English or celibacy are therefore not eliminatory factors.

Do you know that if you are an engineer or a member of a profession, an equivalency procedure may be required before you submit your official immigration application? We will do it for you.

Do you know that through us you are avoiding the screening stage required by the authorities? Indeed, we can go directly to the filing of your official request. You earn months on the length of your immigration process.

Do you know that we have established our fees so that no financial compromise affects the processing of the files? Yet we are among the cheapest!

Do you know that the vast majority of people who immigrate to Canada have never come here and have no family? They come to work and settle there permanently. We provide installation guides for most parts of the country.

Do you know that in case of refusal, you have a very short time to challenge the decision and request a review? Through us, our lawyers deal with them by invoking relevant legal arguments. No additional fees are required.

Do you know that case law has authorized the splitting of the duties of a profession to determine others, inherent or included, that would allow the candidate to be accepted? We determine these professions from your file before submitting your application.

Do you know that it was following the presentation to the National Assembly of Quebec of a memorial in a parliamentary committee by the leaders of PRO CANADA that the long delays for the Maghreb, then in force, were denounced by the media and that led to the minister's commitment to correct the situation?

Do you know that the selection of immigrants by Quebec and Canada is done through a system of points awarded on objective factors? Often, some tips can improve or make positive a file. We give you all these tips before filing your application.

Do you know that to be accepted as an immigrant in Quebec, a single candidate must obtain 59 points out of 114 or, if he is married, 68 out of 132? For Canada, a married or unmarried candidate must score 67 out of 110 points. Your report will show the total, before any improvements are possible, for each of the Acts and any relevant advice to increase the score of your file.

Do you know that outside Quebec, there are Francophone regions, economically prosperous, looking for immigrants? This is an interesting alternative to better choose your place of installation. We provide all the information and documentation required on this subject.

Do you know that since the introduction in March 2012 of the selection based on the field of training, the Quebec Ministry of Immigration has returned nearly 10,000 files to their sender? Nothing beats an experienced firm.

Do you know that, given the number of files that Quebec receives, the decision was made to return to the sender any file deemed incomplete? This referral is by regular mail from Canada to the country of origin despite all the risks of losing important documents. With us, all your mail arrives in Canada!

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