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The immigration laws (Quebec and the Federal) created a specific category, called "family category", allowing the sponsorship of very close parents. Thus, the possibility of sponsoring a parent is limited to the spouse, common-law partner, father, mother, grandparents or minor child (ren). ). The selection of these immigrants is based primarily on the financial ability of the sponsor to take care of the parent he wants to have with him in Canada. Obviously, the sponsor must be a permanent resident or Canadian citizen to initiate such a procedure. Thus, landed immigrants under the family class are not subject to the point system. In the case of marriages, the validity of the marriage is also examined. Our firm also reserves the right to refuse a spousal sponsorship procedure if the sincerity of the union is in doubt.

Obtaining Canadian citizenship

When our clients have completed the necessary time to submit their application, we are happy to see them again and help them obtain their Canadian citizenship.

Work Visas

As we explained in our literature, Canadian employers do not hire remotely. Nevertheless, candidates with very specific or highly sought-after skills, or high-level executives, receive job offers from Canadian companies. In such a case, our firm takes care of obtaining the necessary work permit so that the candidate can come to work in Canada for this employer. The Candidate having found a company ready to hire it must ask the Human Resources Manager to contact us so that we begin the process. Our firm DOES NOT FIND AN EMPLOYER except for those registered in the *P.A.S PME* program. A work permit is not the equivalent of an immigration visa, because the candidate will have to leave the territory at the expiry of the validity of the permit.


Program * P.A.S PME *

With this service immigrate to Canada in 90 days with $ 1800. The Aging of the Canadian population is becoming more and more accentuated, the shortage of the efficient and professional labor force is felt in several sectors of activity namely: health, education, public works, restoration and hospitality, finance and accounting, secretarial and administrative management, crafts etc. Several companies involved in these areas of activity are increasingly forced to feed on a foreign workforce, young people filled with dynamism and new perspectives. Hence the birth of our cooperation, which aims to provide our various partners (Canadian private sector companies) with ready-made labor composed of competent foreign persons who have immigrated according to the rules of worker immigration. In order to facilitate your arrival and speed up the immigration process, PRO CANADA's private Canadian partners are financially involved in your procedure (between 40% and 70%) depending on your CV and the urgency of the position to be filled. The most important therefore outside the traditional criteria is to have an impressive resume and specialized. Therefore, if you have experience in a particular area, write to us to find out more.

Study Visas

Many students want to pursue their studies in Canada. However, interested applicants should be aware that the studies are expensive for a non-resident who does not hold a scholarship (for example, ACDI scholarships). Thus, the candidate will have to prove that he or his family has the necessary financial resources to support himself (tuition and accommodation) throughout his stay. The amounts required are rarely less than $ 10,000.00 Canadian per year. In addition to this, although a file is properly prepared and the student applicant has the financial guarantees required, the Embassy can refuse the application without having to give an explanation as is the case for tourist visas.

Indeed, student, worker or tourist visas are temporary visas and the decision-making process is completely different from that related to permanent residence. Thank you for your understanding.

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